Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Time To Fish The Best Way

Moving fishing for the first time with my husband is like having a teacher who does not like me very much. I know that I tend to act like my son asking about how everything works and how soon can I catch my fish.

He said that I should just take it step by step and he will teach me the things that I need to learn about fishing. He even says that its easier to teach our son how to fish because he just follows everything his dad says.

So maybe I tend to ask a lot of questions. I'm just very excited since its my first time. I have wanted to join him whenever he goes on fishing trips with my son, but my son refuses to have me tag along as he wants some male bonding time with his dad.

I see my husband roll his eyes whenever I am about to start getting all inquisitive again on him. He starts looking my way as I hold one of the Cannon downriggers. I know that he has an inkling of what my next question would be.

My Father Will Be Getting Fishing Gear for Christmas as Usual

Each year when I ask my father what he wants for Christmas, he always answers in a similar way. He always says that he wants a fishing lure, or fishing line, or some fishing bait.

It has gotten to the tip that I don't even feel like I have to worry about asking him for anything anymore. I know what he wants well enough now that I can just go out and buy it.

This year, I have not changed what I usually get him at all. I will be getting him some fishing gear for sure.
I have not yet chosen if I will get him a particular fishing lure or some fishing line that is remarkably strong. I have plenty of time to decide precisely what to get him once I know better when I will be seeing him for Christmas and have a deadline.